Our Services

The most important responsibilities of unarmed security guards are to prevent, deter and to interdict. Security officers must be vigilant, visible and able to observe and report. Clients will hire security officers when they perceive potential risk of vandalism, theft or disturbance of the peace of their property. Sheffield Enforcement trains and provides the best trained and most professional unarmed security guards. Our security concept ensures that our security officers are held responsible to frequently patrol and to be visible, which will contribute to preventing most crimes.
Armed security guards in Sheffield Enforcement are more experienced and highly trained. They undergo extensive classroom, on the job and practical training. Sheffield Enforcement's armed security officers are the best of the best. They have been trained to maintain a cool demeanor and make rational and good decisions in the most difficult and stressful situations. An armed security officer will normally be hired if threats of physical violence have been made or if the client has determined a threat against his property or person. In any case armed security officers will be employed in difficult, stressful situations when good decision making and control is required. With Sheffield Enforcement armed officers your businesses will be in good hands.
Mechanical Patrol
S.E.A. mobile security patrol officers understand that effective mobile patrolling involves more than driving around in a patrol vehicle. Security officers on mobile security patrols combine foot and mobile security patrol techniques to provide industry leading quality service. Electronic patrol tracking systems constantly monitor mobile security patrol activities.
Event Staff
SEA is inspired every day by how our clients utilize our services to find creative solutions to their security and event staffing needs. We have been providing local, national and international clients with professional security and event staffing services since 2007. Whether it's a convention or trade show, convert or sporting event, movie shoot or nightclub, commercial site or traffic assignment, SEA has earned a reputation as the leading choice for professional security and event staffing in the Georgia area. The difference in quality between security companies has always been and remains to be determined by the degree in which management wishes to exert itself. SEA's stable, innovative and reliable management is fully capable of providing its clients with the finest quality of services available as proven by its successful track record at facilities across the globe.